Hamilton Condos

Parlay enterprises Inc. provides owners, investors and occupiers of Hamilton Condos with the added benefit of commercial tools like Property Management. Comprehensive services together with our expertise in the market allow us to offer our clients added value for their investment dollar.

Hamilton Condos for sale

With interest rates so low, some businesses are opting to buy rather than pay to lease a property and that’s where Hamilton Condos for sale can benefit both the buyer and seller. The convenience of commercial condos that contain small industrial units or owner-occupied offices with common amenities and systems within the building may soon rival the popularity of their residential counterparts. Parlay enterprises Inc. is a company that specializes in selling this type of commercial property and also offers valuation and consulting services.

Hamilton Condos for rentals

Urbanation Inc., a leading source of information and analysis on the Toronto condominium market since the early l980’s, reports an increase in the number of condo apartments leased on MLS during Q1-2013 by almost one-third compared to the same period in the previous year. When it comes to Hamilton Condos for rentals, you need to trust in a company that acts for investors and occupiers alike when it comes to the effective completion of sale and lease transactions.