Hamilton commercial property for sale

Financing works differently in a commercial investment than it does for an individual buying a single family residence. In the former instance, it is the Hamilton commercial property for sale that must qualify for financing rather than the individual buyer and the lender will carefully review all aspects of the deal to make sure the outlay of capital is justified. Working with a company that provides real estate appraisals, property tax consulting and other advisory services gives clients the added peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re dealing with professionals who understand property value.

Hamilton commercial property for rent

The professionals at Parlay enterprises Inc. understand the ins and outs of Hamilton commercial property for rent. That insight not only includes the local real estate market but also a working knowledge of commercial real estate terms like comparables, net lease, additional rents and on-site improvements. Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, we can help you negotiate a rental contract for commercial property.

Hamilton commercial property management

Finding a commercial real estate company that provides Hamilton commercial property management means you’re dealing with a company that understands the needs of both landlords and tenants, making it easier to negotiate an agreement that is mutually beneficial to both interests. Here at Parlay enterprises Inc., we want to help you develop the goals for the property of your choosing and maximize your assets at the same time.