Burlington office space

Looking to establish an office space for your business or relocate your existing business to a more productive work environment in a better location? We can help! Burlington’s location within the GTA and its proximity to Hamilton makes this city a great place to live and work and finding the right Burlington office space can provide an added benefit to your business. Locating your business close to home can help to attract and retain the best employees and our access to commercial properties can help you focus on the right space in the best area.

Burlington office space for lease

When you’re considering entering into an agreement for Burlington office space for lease, it’s important to work with an experienced commercial real estate company that not only knows about leasing, but understands market trends and comparable locations and prices. Start the process off on the right foot with the experts at Parlay enterprises Inc.

Burlington office space for rent

Some businesspeople aren’t exactly sure how much space they are going to need in the future, or simply don’t want to deal with all the responsibilities of owing a property. For those people, finding the right Burlington office space for rent makes perfect sense and so does working with the professionals at Parlay enterprises Inc. We have our pulse on current listings for commercial, retail, industrial and office properties and can match your needs with the right space.